Software & Systems Security Seminar

Time and location


Week Date Topic(s) Facilitator(s) Paper(s)
1 5/26 ML-based Security Chun Hin Cheng Dos and Don'ts of Machine Learning in Computer Security [Security 2022]
2 6/2 Trusted Computing for Bare-metal Embedded Systems Chun Hin Cheng PISTIS: Trusted Computing Architecture for Low-end Embedded Systems [Security 2022]
3 6/9 Data Race Attacks on Intel SGX Chun Hin Cheng Controlled Data Races in Enclaves: Attacks and Detection [Security 2023]
4 6/16 Robot Operating System Zelun Kong On the (In)Security of Secure ROS2 [CCS 2022]
5 6/23 Autonomous Driving Security Chun Hin Cheng Doppelganger Test Generation for Revealing Bugs in Autonomous Driving Software [ICSE 2023]
6 6/30 Attack Causality Analysis Chun Hin Cheng DISTDET: A Cost-Effective Distributed Cyber Threat Detection System [Security 2023]
7 7/7 Control Flow Integrity for Real-time Embedded Systems Sudharssan Mohan Holistic Control-Flow Protection on Real-Time Embedded Systems with Kage [Security 2022]
8 7/14 Memory Isolation for Bare-metal Embedded Systems Chun Hin Cheng OPEC: Operation-based Security Isolation for Bare-metal Embedded Systems [EuroSys 2022]
9 7/21 Fuzzing for RTOS Zelun Kong SFuzz: Slice-based Fuzzing for Real-Time Operating Systems [CCS 2022]
10 7/28 Patch Verification for Drone Controller Software Sudharssan Mohan PatchVerif: Discovering Faulty Patches in Robotic Vehicles [Security 2023]
11 8/4 Domain-specific Language for Drone Controller Patching Chun Hin Cheng Reverse Engineering and Retrofitting Robotic Aerial Vehicle Control Firmware using Dispatch [MobiSys 2022]
12 8/11 Reverse Engineering Python Malware Sudharssan Mohan PYFET: Forensically Equivalent Transformation for Python Binary Decompilation [S&P 2023]


The Summer 2023 offering of the Software & Systems Security Seminar will cover a variety of security topics, with an eye toward two goals.

  • Increase participants' familiarity with recent and important results in the areas of software and systems security research. Attendees will read and discuss papers from recent and imminent top-tier security conferences: e.g., IEEE S&P, USENIX Security, CCS, NDSS, and security-related systems and software engineering conferences, and so on.

  • Be a venue for student presentations. This may be a "formal" research presentation--ideally of a student's current work--or it may be an analysis of the research papers chosen for a seminar meeting.


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Potential Papers

Upcoming and recent conference proceedings are good sources of papers for discussion. Below are links to some relevant conference series.

Past Seminars