Software & Systems Security Seminar

Time and Location


Week Date Topic(s) Facilitator(s) Paper(s)
1 5/24 USB Power Fuzzing Sai Tharun Reddy Mulka Fuzz The Power: Dual-role State Guided Black-box Fuzzing for USB Power Delivery [Security 2023]
2 5/31 USB Driver Fuzzing Md Nazmus Sakib ReUSB: Replay-Guided USB Driver Fuzzing [Security 2023]
3 6/7 Directed Fuzzing Minkyung Park Titan: Efficient Multi-target Directed Greybox Fuzzing [S&P 2024]
4 6/14 Distributed Systems Fuzzing Md Nazmus Sakib Greybox Fuzzing of Distributed Systems [CCS 2023]
5 6/21 Static Analysis for Security Zelun Kong "False negative - that one is going to kill you." - Understanding Industry Perspectives of Static Analysis based Security Testing [S&P 2024]
6 6/28 AV Sensor Attack Detection Sudharssan Mohan AVMON: Securing Autonomous Vehicles by Learning Control Invariants and Residual Prediction [VehicleSec 2024]
7 7/5 - - No meeting
8 7/12 Side Channel Attacks on DNN Minkyung Park Cache Telepathy: Leveraging Shared Resource Attacks to Learn DNN Architectures [Security 2020]
9 7/19 AV Tracking Protocol Reverse Engineering Sudharssan Mohan Drone Security and the Mysterious Case of DJI's DroneID [NDSS 2023]
10 7/26 Automated Root Cause Analysis Zelun Kong BENZENE: A Practical Root Cause Analysis System with an Under-Constrained State Mutation [S&P 2024]
11 8/2 Voltage-based Automotive Security Sai Tharun Reddy Mulka Evading Voltage-Based Intrusion Detection on Automotive CAN [NDSS 2021]
12 8/9 Bluetooth Security Sai Tharun Reddy Mulka SoK: The Long Journey of Exploiting and Defending the Legacy of King Harald Bluetooth [S&P 2024]


The Summer 2024 offering of the Software & Systems Security Seminar will cover a variety of security topics, with an eye toward two goals.

  • Increase participants' familiarity with recent and important results in the areas of software and systems security research. Attendees will read and discuss papers from recent and imminent top-tier security conferences: e.g., IEEE S&P, USENIX Security, CCS, NDSS, and security-related systems and software engineering conferences, and so on.

  • Be a venue for student presentations. This may be a "formal" research presentation--ideally of a student's current work--or it may be an analysis of the research papers chosen for a seminar meeting.


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Potential Papers

Upcoming and recent conference proceedings are good sources of papers for discussion. Below are links to some relevant conference series.

Past Seminars